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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Uncategorized |

The “Designed in California” to “Made in USA”

Yesterday we learned that the future terminal, the first device under the new brand created by for Motorola and it will become the new smartphone based on Google will be manufactured in the U.S.. UU. Not only manufactured, if not “the first smartphone designed, developed and assembled in USA”.

Not long ago, during the last WWDC in San Francisco, unveiled the future Mac Pro , Mac powerful specially designed for professionals and people looking for maximum power in a desktop computer with a revolutionary design. Surely the price will also be “revolutionary” to bring the latest processors and graphics, but one of the highlights in the Apple keynote was that the Mac Pro would be assembled in the U.S.. UU., Making it the first Apple PC for decades in a factory assembled within the American territory.

Both Motorola / Google and Apple put an emphasis on his pride in developing and designing products in California, making it almost a seal of quality pure miss something is produced in California. All Apple products bearing the phrase “Designed in California”. But now has a special interest that these products are assembled in factories in the United States of America. Why this patriotism?

Is it now time that manufacture and assemble in EE. UU. is cheaper than China? A pple not own factories which assemble their products in the U.S.. UU. Tim Cook confirmed that with a partner invested $ 100 million to do so, so that is not an economic issue if not more a patriotic theme.

Mac Pro, designed by Apple in California, Assembled in USA.

We all understand that in the U.S.. UU. there is a very strong sense of patriotism, we will not discuss this, but when it affects an economy as important as the PC or mobile, these movements are calculated to the millimeter and seen as a possible case of most resounding success or failure . The reality is that no matter if the profit margins on these products are reduced with the manufacture and assembly, or simply assembly, can call a marketing campaign, a gesture in favor of local labor or manufacturing repudiation in China, but what is clear is that if two of the world’s largest companies are beginning to do that, others will follow.

One of the great myths of manufacturing in China is because labor is cheap, which is true, but not the only reason that virtually all of our technological gadgets, gadgets and products of all kinds are manufactured there. For example, for the manufacture of certain expensive components are required mineral extracted in China and minerals without importing it cheaper to manufacture certain components. But this is otherwise a danger. China is responsible for the production of 90% to 95% of the global supply of rare minerals , but are scarce environmental laws and enforcement have always been questioned.

This causes even cheaper to manufacture items with these minerals, the environmental impact is much greater than in other countries with tougher regulations and strict. Which brings us back to marketing move, in which a company could see recognized a product manufactured and assembled on American soil as a help to the environment. Apple has a section devoted to publicize their efforts to make their business partners in the manufacture of their products follow strict rules of good behavior, because Apple has for years been the target of non-governmental organizations have reported working conditions of members as Foxconn or use of hazardous materials.

Part of the announcement of Motorola X

EE. UU. has already begun to look for these rare minerals on their land , in a move to try to compete with China although their prices are more expensive.

On the other hand we are, ultimately responsible for buying a product that comes well packaged, with promises of amazing use you have been sold by the investment of millions of dollars on marketing without knowing exactly how, where or who has made what we buy. We are responsible, but I understand the reason that we ask these questions, simply because it is easier to prevent a problem if we just forgot about it and do as it does not exist.

Apple and Google may make these moves to improve production and the American economy, perhaps because it’s a marketing move or because they really have a social conscience and want to partake of an economic recovery. For me, the reality is that these two companies are powerful and can make something as local manufacturing back to something viable and quality, which we hope has nothing to do with taxes and other countries.

Photo: Library of Congress (Flickr)

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