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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

The details of the purchase by Micron Elpida

The details of the purchase by Micron Elpida

A couple of months ago, and after a long journey, we finally learned that will be the property of the late Elpida, a company dedicated to the manufacture of dram and went into bankruptcy . What are the details of that transaction?

First, Micron will disburse $750 million cash entry, while another USD $1,750 million will be invested in factories and facilities in the future, with a deadline for spending this amount stipulated for 2019. There is another company involved called Rexchip Electronics, part Elpida, Micron which bought 24% equity for $334 million.

Result of all this is that Micron will see at least a 50% increase in its production, making 89% of the total shares of Elpida, so in the medium term this great buyer should see the first results of your investment with a greater presence in the DRAM market.

Link: Micron scoops up Elpida Memory, 50-percent boost production for $ 2.5 billion (Engadget)

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