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The different variants based Intel Haswell CPUs

The different variants based Intel Haswell CPUs

Is very close to that Intel provides the first official details about its new microprocessors based on the Haswell microarchitecture , and while this date approaches for data breaches continue on them.

Since World bring us the specifications of different packaged that will be available in the different microprocessors based on microarchitecture: (desktop), (portable) and (Ultrabooks). Here a table drawn up by CPU World:

The different variants based Intel Haswell CPUs image 2

As seen in the table, the igp GT3 , the epitome of the modular architecture of third generation graphical “Denlow” is available only in the more powerful versions of Haswell and Haswell-MB-ULT, and unavailable for the desktop version (Haswell-DT).

Another detail is that Haswell-ULT in its most basic not possess a memory controller dual channel, being limited to a single channel (single channel). It is also noted that the IGP gt1 is not present in any of the models, so we can assume that GT1 could end up being a shortened version of GT2 and that would be present in Pentium and Celeron models based on Haswell.

Link: Package options of desktop and mobile Haswell processors (CPU World)

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