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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

The difficult scenario to envision manufacturers notebooks for 2013

The difficult scenario to envision manufacturers notebooks for 2013

Currently, the arrival of the tablets has stunted the growth of notebooks, to the point that analysts expect a rise of just 1% in the market for this class of laptops for all by 2013, a situation that complicates designers equipment such as Dell, and Lenovo, who will have to lower their expectations for the months ahead.

However, there are other companies that are having worse. We talk about the real builders of parts, known as original design manufacturer (ODM), who receive commissions from the big brands that we all know in the windows, but put the factories to assemble the equipment.

It occurs due to almost no growth in 2013, the MDGs have had to fight the spread cake designers, being almost all production available for the first three months of 2013 reserved for each MDG: has 50% of the he asked HP, while has 70% of and 45%, plus 27% of Acer. will 30% of Lenovo, Acer 30% and 25% of Dell, superfluous about 8% of the orders that are fighting tooth and claw all.

And is there a big rush to book orders before the rest, in a fierce competition that is being affected by a new market where growth is no longer on the laptops, but on mobile devices.

Link: Laptop Orders So That Manufacturers Are Becoming Sporadic Aggressive (Softpedia)

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