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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Internet |

The Digg RSS reader opens next week

The Digg RSS reader opens next week

(Cc) Scott Beale / Flickr

Will you be one of the widows of ? try out with your reader just in time for the end of the Google system, presenting the June 26 worldwide, the company announced on its blog.

Version 1 was developed in the last 90 days by the team of 5 people who have Digg, trying to cover the basics, allowing an “experience that is clean, simple, functional and fast,” he says. It also adds a social factor “introduces a tool that allows users to raise the most important stories to the top,” they say.

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Digg ensures that your reader will easily migrate data from Google Reader, deliver a clean reading experience focused on articles, images and videos, have a mobile app that syncs with the web version, and support for key actions like subscribing, sharing , save and organize.

The company reiterates that this is a product made relatively “to fast”, so that after 60 days released will be used to work on the Android application, improve security, greater integration with other RSS, improve tools and more.

Link: Digg Reader Update! (Digg)

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