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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Companies |

The digital agency executives earn less than traditional creative

The digital agency executives earn less than traditional creative


According to a study by the American Association of Agencies, known as the “4As” digital agency executives earn less than traditional creative, data that confirm that despite the progress of actions in the digital world advertising, traditional is still the boss.

The digital market may be the future of advertising, but now, just make half the salary of an executive at the same level but classic. A senior executive of digital agency based in New York bill averaged $350 an hour, while the same as traditional creative executive earning more than twice that amount.

This report was published last week by the 4As, and is based on the hourly rates charged by agencies 2011, in positions that have the similar but digital, as the areas of management, creative, analysts, media and search services talent.

This value represents the time value checked by 251 agencies, including highlighting key global chains such as Ogilvy, BBDO, Grey, JWT, Y & R, McCann and Leo Burnett.

Dick Roth, founder of Roth Associates, thinks that while the study of the 4As is useful for customers with an estimated unit of measurement, this information should be taken with tweezers, “is what the agencies would like to charge but does not represent the actual market prices, which is what people should have as a measure of comparison. “

Among the digital executives, the data collected this year included positions as Director and Content Management, Creative Technologist, Mobile Web Developer, Rich Media Developer, Digital Analytics Manager and Blogger. At its highest points, each of these roles hours showed values lower than those of traditional creative as $ 355 for a head of content to less than $ 200 for a developer of mobile Internet.

Even these values have been relieved on the basis of creative New York, who concentrated on the famous Madison Avenue, are the best fees charged throughout the world, although the turnover time fell from U.S. $751 in 2008 to $63 in 2011.

Another factor to note in this scale of costs is what Dick Roth emphasizes the value of a “digital talent”, which does not yet sell it best: “A creative senior traditional agencies can say I did the commercial Apple, which is like being a winner of an Oscar, more recognizable. Try to think of the person who handled a digital campaign and will find it more difficult. “

Link: The digital agency executives earn less than traditional creative (Adlatina)

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