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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Software |

The doubts and controversies surrounding Quantal Quetzal Ubuntu 12.10

The doubts and controversies surrounding Quantal Quetzal Ubuntu 12.10

12.10, also known as “Quantal Quetzal” will be released tomorrow, October 18, and you’re surrounded by doubts and disputes about its design, implementation and options for making money that will release along with the operating system.

Ubuntu has become one of the most popular distributions, and regularly receives criticism from fans and critics every time a new version appears. Let the doubts surrounding this new release:

  • Added a donation page before downloading the operating system. This is not so unusual among open source projects, however, the manner in which it is deployed seems intent on forcing the user to give money, hiding at the end of the scroll click to continue with the download.
  • Amazon Results: As of version 12.10, the searches made on the menu (dash) deployed results and suggestions, along with the local results of the system. This is part of an agreement between Canonical and Amazon, in an attempt to profit from the operating system. It is possible that Amazon is only the first of many more agreements.
    The issue is controversial for several reasons, starting with the Amazon results have no relevance when you do a search within the system, by an application, for example. On the other hand, were launched criticism of the privacy of users, if Amazon would be receiving information about the searches you perform. Ubuntu send encrypted information, but anyway the data will be collected. To the relief of some, you can disable this “collaboration” with Amazon on the system configuration.
  • Speed: Instead of giving an old version of GNOME or Unity 2D version for older computers that do not have hardware acceleration, emulator integrated hardware acceleration. This system (LLVMpipe Gallium pipe driver for 3) causes some older operating system is almost unusable, because it runs too slow. So if you were using Ubuntu for reusing old hardware is better to opt for another distro.

Beyond these problems, Ubuntu 12.10 brings improvements, such as upgrading to kernel 3.5.4 and other applications including Firefox also 16.1, LibreOffice 3.6.2, and Thunderbird 1.16; Totem for movies, Shotwell for photos, and Rhythmbox for music .

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