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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Science |

The Dragon capsule approaching the International Space Station

The Dragon capsule approaching the International Space Station

As we told you 2 days ago on the launch of Falcon 9 – rocket after postponements and one failed attempt finally took off – it seems everything is going well, as the private manned spacecraft SpaceX, is quite close to achieve its mission: to reach the International Space Station (ISS).

This is because it has been close to 2.5 miles during a maneuver planned to test the navigation and communication systems prior to receiving the order to position a few meters from the station and thus meet his first great mission, deliver the shipment of 520 kilos load consisting of both technological and food equipment the astronauts who are in the base.

Although this mission is not transcendental, will serve as a test of whether the capsule in the future will be able to carry up to six tons into orbit, and bring back some three tons. And so she became the first private spacecraft to the cargo.

Mission is expected to culminate in the next few hours or by tomorrow, at which time arrives at the station and then release the shipment of test. For now, the capsule takes only objects, but is already working with NASA to develop a more sophisticated version that allows the transport of astronauts.

Link: The Dragon capsule makes its first approach to the ISS (Information)

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