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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

The DRAM industry is in bad shape

The DRAM industry is in bad shape

A couple of months ago, the CEO of Micron, Mark Durcan, said that the fall of the manufacturer Elpida help restore the ailing dram market, which suffers from oversupply and low demand assemblers (Dell, HP , etc), what would the price of these products on the floor, something beneficial for consumers, but bad for an industry that takes no profits and is afraid to follow the footsteps of the late Elpida.

But the words of apparently were just smoke, as time has passed and things for DRAM go downhill. Because as reported, assemblers of PCs have accumulated large amount of inventory in its warehouses, with modules that have not been used in their products as a result of the slow pace of sales that have computers in general.

Some brands have as much RAM, you have enough to meet their needs for up to six months, being that it is normal to have to survive six weeks stock. And is that unlike what he thought the CEO of Micron, falling only made things worse, because when it went bankrupt assemblers believed would have some shortages and orders secured in advance, stacking the six months mentioned stock.

Now, the DRAM industry has put his chips in Windows 8, Microsoft’s operating system upon which the takeoff of perhaps too many products, counting ultrabooks, tablets, SSDs and DRAM now, waiting for a dramatic rise in the selling all kinds of PCs Otherwise, the price will continue to drop in DRAM, and although in the short term this is good for the consumer, in the medium term can cause so much instability in the industry, something similar could happen to what happened to the hard drives , the price is sky today.

Link: DRAM price to fall again in September (Fudzilla)

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