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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Hardware News |

The eight most downloaded Firefox extensions

The eight most downloaded Firefox extensions

Recently, announced that they have exceeded the 3,000 million downloads of its browser add-ons for Firefox, a very important milestone that shows this feature as one of the strengths of the application. Under what is that have shown a list of eight used, which is assembled as follows:

  1. Adblock Plus : With 166 million downloads and 13.5 million people using it daily, it serves to block advertising on website.
  2. Video DownloadHelper : With this you can download multimedia content, like videos or pictures from a page directly and easily.
  3. Firebug : Targeted for developers or curious, is used to edit or monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript from your browser.
  4. Greasemonkey : You can customize how it looks and behaves a website.
  5. Download Statusbar : Add a small GUI to see how progress downloads from Firefox, without the need to open the Downloads window.
  6. NoScript : Allow execution of accessories such as JavaScript and Java only from trusted sources, preventing run at random, delivering maximum user safety.
  7. People Plus : Extends the functions of the platform “People”, used to install skins and themes that change the appearance of the browser.
  8. DownThemAll : Administrator and integrated download accelerator, it is necessary to install other complex programs independently.

Link: The Best of 3 Billion Add-on Downloads (Mozilla Blog)

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