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Posted by on Jun 24, 2012 in Social Networks |

The Empire Strikes Back also has a version in GIF

The Empire Strikes Back also has a version in GIF

as a franchise, gives to everything imaginable. The fanaticism for the creation of George Lucas is so much that at this point it becomes very difficult to find something really new. But this really caught the attention of many people: also has its version in GIF.

The format has already served 25 years serves well to summarize in an animated and quite faithful to the original (with their respective courts, of course including the hand of Luke) what was the episode V and the second installment of the universe created by George Lucas. Some say this was the best of the first trilogy, others say it was the best ever. The discussion will always be there.

However, is to admire the work created by FoldsFive, and although this dates back several years, did not become famous without controversy. And it is this gif achieved notoriety through Reddit, where more than receiving congratulations, the group of users will eaters noted the author of a very serious mistake: Luke’s lightsaber was not the right color .

Beyond that glaring detail, those who have seen The Empire Strikes Back will see that this is perhaps the most complete animated GIF can be. Surrenders in the same format to other films can be viewed on the official site PixelMash .

The Empire Strikes Back also has a version in GIF image 2

Link: Forget HD: Watch the ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy as Animated GIFs (Mashable)

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