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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013 in Hardware News |

The entertaining and physical gaming grotesque

The entertaining and physical gaming grotesque

Physics is fun! were the words that my physics teacher started their classes back in high school days when I remembered, words which at that time will never come to think that it would come to make real and go in what way (at least keeping to physics in games).

For many years, developers have promised us that thanks to new of CPU and GPU-accelerated, win realism, a factor that would make it much more entertaining than past games, but might simply be in the right as entertaining (if sometimes grotesque) than physical in games.

Games Hardware brings us a collection of images and videos showing many entertaining physical mistakes in games (like gravity Nurien game inverted initial image in this article) as well as some grotesque scenes like this:

The entertaining and physical gaming grotesque image 2

Here are some other entertaining examples of what physics is fun in games:

Link: Wenn die Physik versagt: unterhaltsame Aussetzer in Videospielen (PC Games Hardware)


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