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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Science |

The European Space Agency will build a giant digital camera billion pixels

The European Space Agency will build a giant digital camera billion pixels

Technicians contractor Astrium France aligning the CCD in the support structure of the giant camera. (Photo ESA)

The rise of became a boon for scientists who devote their careers to explore space from Earth.

These advances have allowed the (ESA) to take a census billion in the for the Gaia program, thanks to the construction of a giant digital camera from a space mission that will take care of mapping the galaxy.

This camera billion pixels has a level of precision components that “if he were on earth, would be able to measure the thumb of a person located in the surface of the Moon,” a spokesman for ESA.

The launch of the space mission that will lead this photo megacamara is planned for late 2013 from the Centre Spatial Guyanais, located in French Guiana.

Scientists assigned to the project foresee that this stellar census enables the discovery of thousands of new celestial objects, from extrasolar planets to brown dwarfs, and help to test the general theory of relativity formulated by Albert Einstein.

With the information collected by Gaia, which amount to around 45 000 dvds conventional data for 5 years, the will build a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way, which could be completed in 2021, which will help them better understand their structure, size, composition and training, and we thought, why not, a future database for an interstellar GPS.

The giant digital camera will be responsible for photographing our galaxy has two telescopes with focal logitud of 35 meters and a spectrometer for the calculation of the radial velocity of the stars. The structure of the CCD camera has 106 sensors, advanced version relative to conventional digital cameras, each sensor with a size similar to a credit card, as shown in the image illustrating the post.

The mission, which will have the support of several European countries, will cost about 650 million euros, “just over a euro for every European citizen”, said the space agency.

Link: ESA to build a digital camera with billions of pixels (

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