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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Internet |

The FBI arrested 24 people worldwide by cyberfraud

The FBI arrested 24 people worldwide by cyberfraud

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In an that we see in the movies and American series, undercover agents infiltrated Internet forums where some users shared the methods they used to violate the security barriers and create fake credit cards that could be used both on-line and in physical stores.

This was announced FBI sources, that after two years of investigation, have arrested 24 people: 11 and another 13 between Great Britain and Japan. They stressed that all are men aged between 18 and 25 years, and some are facing sentences of up to 40 years in prison if they become convicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud virtual.

Those responsible for the operation against say that she avoided losses of 165 million euros (U.S. $ 205 million) to over 411 000 credit cards and debit cards that have been violated, but gave no details of the banks involved.

Yes they said that not only avoided the losses and arrested the alleged cybercriminals, but contacted the people and institutions affected by cybercrime to show you how to fix security breaches and protect themselves better in the future.

Given this kind of news is not only to remember that the best way to protect our Data Bank is to use common sense when transacting online, checking, for example, that the websites where we have online shopping certificates recommended safety … Any other suggestions of security you want to share?

Link: U.S. accuses 24 people in operation against online piracy (Reuters)

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