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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Social Networks |

The FBI is investigating the theft of passwords on LinkedIn

The FBI is investigating the theft of passwords on LinkedIn

Follow the news about the theft of that affected millions of users: From the LinkedIn social network for professionals have said they are working with the in investigating the theft, which are presumed to have affected some 6.5 million accounts.

And is that as stated by the spokesman for LinkedIn, Hani Durzy, the company has no knowledge of any accounts that were stolen. Faced with criticism from various Internet security experts have said that the social network does not use security best practices used by major websites in the world, said Durzy LinkedIn “had managed to improve the security of your database “.

So, while people in the FBI helps kids discover that LinkedIn was actually what happened with this leak of passwords, yesterday we reported that many social network users are falling victim to phishing scams : They have received emails electronics (which apparently comes from own LinkedIn) in which they are asked to confirm your e-mail by clicking on a link that actually went to Web sites selling illegal pharmaceuticals.

It is the only Filtration passwords for these weeks: The music service has also confirmed via Twitter that its database was affected, as we told you here.

Now who can defend ourselves? Well actually that’s left is to use common sense to try to protect our identity on social networks … That and these cases of data breaches at that level beyond our control. For now if you have not changed your password LinkedIn or should do it as a preventive measure.

Link: LinkedIn with the FBI investigating the theft of passwords (EP)

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