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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Companies |

The FBI is investigating ZTE sale of surveillance equipment to Iran

The FBI is investigating ZTE sale of surveillance equipment to Iran

Still problems for the Chinese manufacturer in the U.S.: Now the has opened a criminal investigation into the alleged sale of computer for monitoring Iran.

As you read: It is presumed that the company sold ZTE largest telecommunications Iran a system capable of monitoring fixed communications, mobile and Internet, which is considered a threat to the safety of citizens.

This research adds to that conducted by the U.S. Commerce Department that it is checking ZTE companies have used two “ghosts” in China, to purchase computer products manufactured in North America (from brands like Microsoft, Dell, HP, Oracle, among other ) and sell them to Iran, bypassing the U.S. trade embargo to this country.

To “decorate” over the case, as cited in The Verge, a Chinese company lawyer reportedly said in an affidavit that the FBI knew that the company would be boycotting the investigation of the Department of Commerce: Kyle Ashley Yablon, chief executive of ZTE U.S. ZTE said officials discussed destroying documents related to such sales, and product listings alter deny the authenticity of contracts, in an effort to delay the investigation into the sale of computer products to Iran.

Having seen do not have easy ZTE people in the U.S., so I’m going that they forget about that market, because regardless of the results of these investigations, and reputation is affected in this country, especially sensitive issues espionage … Question of time to know if insists on selling in the U.S., or is removed leaving the status quo and focus on other markets. Do you gamble?

Link: ZTE under FBI investigation for Allegedly selling surveillance equipment to Iran (The Verge)

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