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Posted by on Jul 28, 2012 in Social Networks |

The first Olympic Games of transparency

The room of one of the athletes of China (C) @ yaoieeel

The four years have passed since the Beijing 2008 have not been in vain, that year Facebook had 100 million users, while Twitter no more than 4 million and circulated only about 300,000 tweets a day.

This 2012 Olympics in London, reaches 955 million users and perform 400 million tweets a day. More than the first Olympics of social networks, these are the Olympics of transparency: While the 2008 spectacular opening ceremony was kept secret easily , this year was impossible, despite the hashtag # savethesurprise, prevent leaks of the ceremony directed by Danny Boyle in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Whether for videos uploaded to YouTube and photos and comments or Facebook, maintain total secrecy is impossible this year not only for the opening ceremony, but also in all aspects surrounding the Olympics. Mainly regarding the rights of transmission of an event that moves millions of dollars.

As authorities warned the International Olympic Committee (IOC): “You can take a camera when you are running the 100 meters and make a broadcast exclusive. That is for the relay. But of course you can talk about it. And take pictures. And write about it, “said Anthony Edgar, Head of IOC operations of media. “Everyone who enters is allowed to burn (…) but it is only for personal use.”

This transparency not only reflected in what they can not do the spectators with their cell phones, but also something that can affect athletes, as happened to the Greek Paraskevi Papachristou, which make a racist joke on Twitter was expelled from the Hellenic team, despite his public apology through the same social network.

There are other similar cases as Nick D’Arcy swimmers Kenrick Monk and Australia, who can not use while in London for punishment for posting on Facebook a photo of them posing with heavy weapons in the U.S. shop .

A large percentage of athletes attending use twitter , so fearing that leaks have unwanted, the IOC has prepared a guide to using social networking to all athletes must meet to avoid penalties that may even have legal consequences.

Among the rules for athletes, indicated that only can post their experiences during the event in first person and as a personal blog, publish Contents related prohibiting “in the role of journalists,” or may not report or comment on competition the activities of other participants.

While previously it was difficult to know the scenes of domestic life of the athletes in the Olympic villages, newspapers today are experiencing day to day the most interesting images that the same participants themselves up to social networks.

Transparency in all aspects of daily life came to the Olympics.

The first Olympic Games of transparency image 2

(C) @ usainbolt

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