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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Gadgets |

The five keys to the new Microsoft Tablet

The five keys to the new Microsoft Tablet

It appeared the new tablet from Microsoft called Surface , showing various features that make it unique and remarkable in today’s world of tablets, which until now had been stuck in boring designs based on the Android operating system.

What are your most important points? In general, we emphasize innovation in the field, which come to light their general attributes:

  1. The design of interaction: The is not just a flat tablet, but brings a protective cover called Type Cover which is anchored to the device through a magnetic hook, which in addition to protecting the touch screen serves as a physical keyboard to manage the operating system along with providing a surface for the trackpad. And beyond that, the screen has support for writing with a at 600dpi, so ways to integrate information are varied.
  2. Construction: spared no expense to design your product and managed to create something quite attractive and functional. For example, a strange alloy material with magnesium included, allow the thinness of the and rigidity and thinness of the equipment case, all through another process called own name, created by the company, which allegedly uses high technology to reach the 676 grams and 9.3mm thick on the device.
  3. Integrated pedestal: In addition to use on hands, Surface offers the possibility to have her standing on a desk on a pedestal or integrated displays user saves at will, taking up little space in the design but still firm to bear the weight the apparatus, which is very useful when you want to put in “notebook mode” Type Keyboard Cover on the desktop.
  4. Its two internal platforms: By definition, a tablet comes with mobile operating system (IOS, Android) and have hardware or internal parts based on ARM. But Microsoft offers two hardware options: and Intel. The first walks on RT, special version of the operating system running on these chips with low energy consumption but offers less support programs and applications, while the option uses the same platform as we have seen for years in traditional PCs, but spends more power and dissipate more heat. Notably, the company offers the Intel version for those who want the functionality of a notebook into a notebook in this category.
  5. Price and Availability: Not everything could be pink and just where the friends fell Microsoft is referring to what it will cost the Surface with Pro: near the Ultrabooks. These ultra-portable has a value close to USD $ 1,000, that is, a figure that takes away the hopes of seeing a device with a cost of massive scope, while the Windows version itself will approach rt range of the tablets. On the other hand, the availability was scheduled to be on par with the launch of Windows 8, what should be in October (not confirmed), reaching the Windows version first RT, while Intel will do three months after that is, in 2013. No doubt a very long wait.

This is the new Microsoft Surface tablet
- Microsoft presents “Cover Type”, the cover-pad Surface
That’s Surface, the first tablet of Microsoft

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