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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Software |

The future of your Android camera

The future of your Android camera

launched its first digital camera with in 2012, the Galaxy Camera has been one of the first devices to which they meant the ability to run Android but no manufacturer dared to use it.

Samsung tried first with a camera “compact”, but its big 4.8-inch screen and zoom too compact did not say and now is coming the new Samsung Galaxy NX, the first camera mirrorless NX range also will use operating system Android.

If we go back to the beginning of Android, which barely existed that some HTC devices, Google always said they were convinced that it was not just Android mobile operating system, versatility could make it work on any hardware platform , as appliances. Nearly five years later we have not seen what Android can do, only now beginning to see more than just Android phones.

Why your next camera might be Android?

The new and Camera Galaxy Android integrate very simple reasons. Is a versatile operating system that allows to easily change and adapt to almost anything. It has a large base of applications that can work with a camera. There is already a user base that uses Android and is comfortable using. And perhaps one of the most important, the camera market plummets and you need something new.

I understand how rare it can be, even the impact it can cause see a camera with Android, with an interface present in Samsung mobiles here. But think Samsung or any manufacturer this is perfect. Now 3G or 4G can integrate to upload photo, but not only upload photos, also can make corrections and editing photos before uploading.

The future of your Android camera image 2

The compact camera market is down hill without brakes, phones have replaced the compact camera virtually anyone. Now it makes more sense to spend a little more and get a micro four thirds camera, or a DSLR with interchangeable lenses to purchase a compact, but have much zoom lets you record video or somehow “amazing”. Most people will not use these functions, most people do not know or frame, or the best position to take a picture or even whether to use or not the zoom.

Most people make a photo to another person, a landscape, an object simply pointing and shooting. End

Now this task is made on a mobile because it’s in your pocket or purse, because you have a variety of applications to any automated correction or add a filter. But above all, because you can automatically share this photo with people who may be interested.

Edition from the camera

The future of your Android camera image 3

It is rumored that the new cameras from Samsung with Android integrate some options that have their phones, such as S-Voice application to give voice commands, but also S-Translator to translate text or text with photos taken. But perhaps the most interesting are editing applications.

Can take a photo at a high resolution and directly from the camera can do some quick editing, such as correcting brightness, color or brightness can be a very good way of trying to sell someone this camera when normally, with your camera phone has more sufficient.

But even with video, video editing applications may allow you to create a video with parts of other, mount it, add some transition and automatically upload to a server or YouTube.

Although limited, the possibilities of Android on a camera open a range of basic capabilities that until now had no cameras or failed to do very well.

Not only Samsung open this new door to Android, if not the rest of competitors like Panasonic or Sony will have to start developing their cameras considering the possibilities of Android and its applications offer more value to the cameras.

Why Android and Bada?

The future of your Android camera image 4

Bada Clearly, though continuously developed by Samsung and especially focused on low-end smartphones or countries with emerging economies, does not seem to rise to the occasion.

This leads us to think that really for Samsung, Android is not just a bet, Android has slowly become synonymous with Samsung and Android by Samsung that have flooded the market of smartphones and tablets of all types and sizes.

Do not forget that the added value of a camera with Android applications really are. To have Instagram directly on a camera of this type, or Snapseed , is to add value. Or even be able to send photos via email or upload them automatically to Dropbox, especially the potential of sharing are unique in the camera market.

Link: RI Rò Hinh Thuc ảnh sees going Chinh Thuc Samsung Galaxy NX: May ảnh Kinh Ong Dung thay Android (Tinhte)

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