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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Gadgets |

The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago

The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago

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This Sunday is celebrated in several countries, most Latin Americans. Taking advantage of the wave of interest in this celebration and not wanting to fall into cliches as parents shopping guides or geeks, this year we started to think about the speed with which technological changes occur, and back down a few years to remember what will our parents were giving away five years ago.

Five years is a relatively short time frame to see consolidadados advances in many areas of society. For technology, it is virtually an entire era, where dozens of technologies can move to retirement in the blink of an eye.

This is what makes us see some technological devices a few years old as relics of the last century, even we often steal a smile by obsolescence in which they have fallen.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2008? Personally memories resurrect my old faithful player Creative MuVo TX 512mb, which, though treasured by few days my favorite songs, and I admit it was hard work having to change every one or two days, I escaped without music stay after enjoying a few days of a brand new iPod Touch 1G before a friend of the alien appropriated it. After that, my next audio was a smartphone.

Why choose the 2008? Because besides being a time when the costs of products settled much any consumer’s budget, the year 2007 was a period of great throws and breaks in the industry of consumer technology as it appeared the first touch phones, music players is micronized, the war began megapixel digital camera and the notebook market appeared a turning point with the first netbook from Asus hand.

From this list we selected, we’ll remember what you saw in the shop windows on the eve of Father’s Day.

Audio Players

The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago image 2 For 2008, digital audio players were experiencing a renaissance, after the confusion that multiple formats generated after the fall of the walkman. CDs, MiniDisc and cassette began to leave the market and their owners, to make way for tiny devices that were within a hand and weighing a few grams.

In the market you could find players like the iPod nano third generation, fourth generation since the first came out in September 2008, and innovative models like the Sony NWZ-S615F, model some considered better than the iPod in its sound quality . The first revolutionary generation iPod Touch released in September 2007 and was in Latin America and also was available in capacities of 16, 32 and 64GB and innovated by offering Wi-Fi connectivity.

It was the beginning of a new era in digital playback devices, 100% tactile and audiovisual content aimed at the general, not just music.


The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago image 3

The year was full of oriented cell releases music consumption without much concern for the newly released iPhone the previous year . Equipment specially designed to provide better sound experience, friendly interface and with lots of information, including synchronization of lyrics and album art over the Internet. It was a very fruitful year for all major brands, presenting innovative equipment from both the design and the proposal.

The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago image 4

With the lead still intact physical keyboards, Motorola still betting on their teams with cap (clamshell) with its ROKR U9, LG and Sony Ericsson are supported on the sliders with the KF600 and the W580i. Nokia presented the 5310 XpressMusic, a Candy tiny but yet very robust and existing Palm launched an innovative touch-screen computer and multimedia center model, but is more like a muffled slap of a technological leap. Samsung launched a strange model, the i617, which looked more efforts to compete with the then powerful Blackberry with the growing multimedia market and touch, but also the same month of the day the father would know the innovative SPH-M800 Instinct , who weight was charged the first iphone killer of South Korea.

Does the speed and processors of these smartphones? That’s not talked about in those days …

Digital Cameras

The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago image 5

The Megapixel War exceeded the barrier of 8MP and were beginning to appear up to 12MP models at the time. Among the innovations were some ultra-compact models like the Nikon Coolpix S51 (the younger sister of the line S), and systems of face detection and image stabilization. Also began using metallic materials in the bodies and a few innovations as the Kodak dock to transfer pictures to a computer.

and reigned in the consumer market and few thought in revealing images or get mechanical compact, in times when for very little money you could access a first camera with zero cost unlimited shots.


The gadgets that Dad regalábamos five years ago image 6

What was thought five years ago to buy a notebook? Advances were not many, these compact for years had kept intact its appearance and performance beyond those of a standard desktop computer, which still maintained his reign.

Having a notebook was a sign of status, professional or leisure, market models began to be driven by the Intel Core 2 Duo in the high-end equipment and Dual Core, Sempron and AMD Athlon. But who we prick the balloon making expensive were crawling on the floor was the much anticipated (and then hated ) Windows Vista , released months earlier and already fitted to many laptops on the market.

Would start the trend of increasing RAM to keep performance and bandwidth, until a Taiwanese firm broke the ultraportable market with a 7-inch Windows XP, the Asus Eee PC , a team that would kick off race low cost netbooks and portable Super worldwide.

In Latin America could get bicolor laptops like Acer Aspire 5315 and Toshiba Satellite A205, the white Apple Macbook, and of course, the little Asus eee PC.

In those days, without being a father, but if techie, I enjoyed the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic and the Acer Aspire 5315. If your father was one of these gadgets gift in 2008, we would like to tell us know your experience at the time of new consumer technologies.

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