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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Gadgets |

The Google app store could be called Glass Boutique

The Google app store could be called Glass Boutique

(Cc) giuseppe.costantino / Flickr

The glassware or Google software apparently will not share Android store, but will have its own space called “Boutique”. That at least is what it seems if you believe the user Zhouwei on GitHub, who analyzed XE7 Explorer version of the discovering some things programmed into the device.

So far there are not many for Glass, but it is logical that when they exist, are hosted somewhere. The code would indicate that the application files (APK) and the apps would be synchronized through this store.

Other changes discovered include a lock screen that unblock to make a gesture in the side panel, and a video player and music. The details and possible further developments remain mysterious. There is still time for the glasses go on sale to the general public, and each improves one step closer to becoming a finished product.

Link: Glass Boutique app store, MP3 player, lock-screen & more revealed (SlashGear)

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