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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Social Networks |

The Guardian removes its social news reader on Facebook

The Guardian removes its social news reader on Facebook

Surely many have seen: links to some interesting news on Facebook, but when clicking instead of going to the website of the or magazine, is seeking permits to install a “social reader” (social reader) where access news content. was one of the tabloids that used this method, but now just announced its integration with and ultimate.

While the reasons for this move were not specified, many voices believe it has to do with the change in the way this operated. Basically, the content is displayed (or hidden) to users based on the number of reads and “likes” received by an article in question, which apparently Guardian would not have liked too. In other words, Facebook controlling what users could see and what not, instead of having everything at hand and that people decide to give items click.

From now on, the idea of The Guardian is promoting reading traffic and directly into the website of the newspaper, not in external social networks like Facebook. Anthony Sullivan of The Guardian, explains quite well what is coming and gives some clues as to the interaction with Facebook seemed to be the most appropriate:

“In the future, our site users may agree or disagree with some items, to be part of surveys or express their views. But the key is that the user is in control, and if they are interested in sharing something, it will not impact your experience and access to content on “.

According to some statistics, traffic Guardian application on Facebook reached its peak in April this year with six million monthly active users, but now those numbers down to the order of 2.5 million, some 200,000 users per day. Of course, something has to do with the fact that these applications, no matter how harmless they are, continue to be intrusive in the eyes of the user whether to allow access before doing anything.

Link: Guardian kills its Facebook social reader, regains Control over its content (GigaOm)

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