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The Guardian reveals how Microsoft gave the NSA access to encrypted messages

The Guardian reveals how Microsoft gave the NSA access to encrypted messages

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The Guardian, who revealed the identity of Edward Snowden and espionage on the operator Verizon customers , continues to filter valuable information about the surveillance program of the U.S. government. This is because now the British newspaper leaked highly classified documents that reveal the close collaboration between Microsoft , the National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI .

To date, the Redmond company maintained the same as many of the companies involved in PRISM , Snowden leaks that were incorrect and that only delivered information in response to government orders.

However, The Guardian documents assert the opposite: Microsoft not only gave information, but also allowed him to dodge U.S. security agencies and collect the data encryption, Skype, and SkyDrive.

According to internal documents of the Division of Special Resource Operations of the NSA, the agency was able to easily access all kinds of emails and Skype calls through the program PRISM . “Data collection post Hotmail, Live and will not be affected because PRISM information before it is encrypted,” said one of the documents.

Another email from the NSA dated April 2013 describes the negotiation for months to allow their analysts to access SkyDrive, what “meaning that analysts no longer have to make special requests to the SSO ( officer in charge ) by this – a step in a process that many analysts may not know, “says the email.

The Guardian also notes that Skype was associated with PRISM in 2010, before it was bought by Microsoft, and worked continuously to provide access to your calls. “The audio portion of these sessions have been processed correctly, but without the video image. Now, analysts have the ‘image’ complete ‘, says one of the documents. Another described the process of this integration: “Teamwork was the key to successfully add other provider PRISM system.”

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