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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Science |

The Hall of Fame will now include popular vote Robots

The Hall of Fame will now include popular vote Robots


First of all the Hall of Fame Robots weight is an institution to take seriously: It belongs to the world’s largest organization for research and education on robots, the Robotics Institute of the Department of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon .

For the upcoming ceremony to be held on October 23 at the Carnegie Science Center in Pennsylvania, organizers widened to include the popular vote to determine the that will join the Hall of Fame, whose pre-selection was determined by A panel of 107 experts in robotics, industry leaders and fans, which in previous years has included judges as Arthur C. Clarke.

The four categories would be :

  • Education: NAO robots postulate, Create and VEX Design Systems.
  • Entertainment: You can vote for WALL-E, (or Rosie) of the Jetsons, or Johnny 5, the from Short Circuit.
  • Industrial use: PackBot, Jason and Kiva postulate the best robot in the field of production.
  • For research: Apply the ‘mule-robot’ BigDog, the NASA’s Robonaut and PR2.

The winners will join other iconic robots like ASIMO , Commander Data, the Mars Pathfinder rover, Maria from Metropolis, R2-D2, Astroboy, among others.

In the Entertainment category I voted for Johnny 5 as it was not an option Bender,? , and you ?

Robot Hall of Fame 2012 Induction Voting
The other fall election: Robot Hall of Fame opens to the public voting (ArsTechnica)

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