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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Science |

The high resolution limit: Create printer of 100,000 dots per inch

The high resolution limit: Create printer of 100,000 dots per inch

Researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore, A * Star , created a method to produce color images with a resolution of 100,000 dots per inch (or dpi for its acronym in English). For reference, the iPhone 4S with its Retina Display screen reaches the 326 dpi laser printer varies between 600 and 1200 dpi (industrial and rub the 10,000 dpi).

While printing the above image looks fuzzy, it is recalled that its 50 micrometers (microns) wide is more or less the same as a human hair , but the really revolutionary aspect of this invention is that his method “instead of inks used for different colors, it encodes information through the size and position of small metal disks. Then these disks interact with light through plasmon resonance , “says team leader Joel Yang.

“We created a database of colors corresponding to a specific pattern of a nanostructure, and its position and size. These nanostructures are placed after a shape, like a coloring book picture for children, and then applied an ultrathin layer metal causes the image emerges with all its colors at once. How by magic! “said Yang.

The fact in question as a matter of a lithographic printing rather than ink has the potential to revolutionize the way that print images, and applications could range from methods to combat the smuggling of counterfeit money to the optical information recording.

Link: First full color dpi resolution images at 100.000 With Help of nanotechnology (

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