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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Science |

The human face should evolve well in 100,000 years

The human face should evolve well in 100,000 years

The visual artist Nickolay lamn worked with Dr. Alan Kwan genomics, University of Washington, to create a series of images as the race should evolve over the next 100,000 years.

According to research, the human face should suit our needs and tastes, as well as brain growth observed since the beginning of our species. He believes that our will be key in controlling humans have on the natural evolution, adapting our biology to help us in our needs.

Thus, several morphological characteristics of the face according to the tastes change toward a more straight nose, eyes more intense, better symmetry between the left and right side of the face, etc..

According to Dr.Kwan, human eyes should have exponential growth, due to the wide possibilities that man colonize space sometime in the next 100,000 years and dwell in areas away from the sun.

The human eye, apart from growing, you should also develop a vision in low light and blink a new movement in the horizontal direction.

Among other changes that researchers believe that humans develop hair is much thicker, more pigmented skin to cope with UV rays and more pronounced front to deal with the effects of microgravity on the brain.

Also betting that will be common in the future using contact lenses for communications , which include a driving device audio through the bones that will work with lenses for communication and entertainment.

Link: Huge foreheads, flat faces and saucer-like eyes (Daily Mail)

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