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Posted by on Jul 1, 2012 in Software |

The inclusion of PDF support in the new Office would be a fact

The inclusion of PDF support in the new Office would be a fact

For almost a month ago we heard the rumor that postulated that the new Office will, among other little things, support for PDF files , which according to many people and should have been integrated in a while. But Microsoft’s ways are not always the most logical.

Now, are other voices who apply something similar, so the issue could you go slowly removing the label of “rumor”. According counted from LiveSide, the new version of Word will definitely come with the option to open, convert, and edit a Portable Document Format file as if it were a file. Doc ordinary.

The method would work turning ordinary text files, for editing and then re-conversion to PDF. We’ve all seen what happens frequently when converting a to Word, so it will be interesting to see what that does to Microsoft for managing fitness files, but apparently only text documents would not generate any problems when switching from one format to another.

The beta of the new Office would go on air next week, and here come the confirmation (or denial) on the addition of this feature. OpenOffice and LibreOffice smile from the corners and welcome to Microsoft Office to PDF world, though a few years later.

Link: Microsoft Word 2013 to PDF support built-in editing (LiveSide)

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