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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Entertainment |

The Inventor: The comic about the life of Nikola Tesla

The Inventor: The comic about the life of Nikola Tesla

The fascinating life of the electrical engineer and physicist will be portrayed in a graphic novel called “The Inventor” will be launched at 2012, which begins Thursday in San Diego, USA.

The story was written by Rave Mehta, and is based on “Tesla’s journey from its birth in an epic thunderstorm, on his arrival in America, where its greatest mentor, Thomas Edison, becomes his greatest enemy and starts War of the Currents , “said Mehta told Wired .

The 150-page book can pre-order on the official website , and the first chapter is free to download. Mehta conceived the project five years ago while working on the board of Space Florida and the research program of the Stephen Hawking Microgravity Education Research Center.

Mehta has expertise and own a company that creates video game engine called Helios Interactive. Through this company, The Inventor could also become a video game or application.

The probably not delve into too technical issues regarding Tesla’s inventions, a visionary who was ahead of its time very much. For example, his work on wireless power, written in the late nineteenth century, is only now becoming reality.

However, there is enough material on which to speak , and may possibly be a good place to start learning about the life of Tesla.

Link: New comic The Inventor Nikola Tesla’s elecrifies Mad Genius (Wired)

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