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The Kodak patent auction has not gone as well as expected

The Kodak patent auction has not gone as well as expected

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One of the few jackets that fit in their struggle to not disappear completely, is the option to finish and sell their to the highest bidder. And we all know the intentions of two groups, led by Apple and Microsoft , to seize these patents.

But it could be that Kodak finally decide not to sell anything. And is that the process of closing of these patents has not been as expected, so the company issued a statement explaining his new position on the situation: “We have not reached an agreement to sell our patent portfolio, and we could hold completely or at least a part of it. “

At Kodak patents argue that keeping in his possession could serve as a credit to leave the situation they are in, but the truth is that some sources say that in practice bids for patents have not been so high. The original estimate indicated that Kodak could raise up to 2,000 million in the auction, but so far the offers would total “only” 500 million of the same coin.

In view of the latter, even extended the duration of the auction. But all indications are that patents on sale not worth as much (for potential buyers) and Kodak would like.

Link: Kodak: Maybe We Will not Sell Our Digital Imaging Patents (All Things D)

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