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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Entertainment |

The LEGO version of Felix Baumgartner jumping video

The LEGO version of Felix Baumgartner jumping video

Yesterday the name of made history after jumping from more than 39 miles high and be the first human to break the sound barrier in the stratosphere, as well you have here then.

Missed the leap that could go live worldwide via the internet? Quiet, that is no solution! The Web has several videos where you can see all complete the jump, from the time that Baumgartner jumps into the empty (because more than jumping, the man dropped), until it arrives safely to land, as you can see around here.

But as many still imagine you will be experiencing the thrill and adrenaline by Baumgartner feat, I found this funny video that I have found on YouTube and where Austrian breed jumping, nothing more and nothing less than out of Legos ! So I decided to share it with you.

Warning: This video is sure to be highly appreciated by lovers of collectible, although more than one is tired of seeing things made with the popular building blocks. The solution? If you like inventions as watching the stop-motion video that I leave then, and if you’re tired of the subject, it goes to see him. Easy, no?

It is noteworthy that this video was made before Baumgartner jumped, so good prediction of its makers, is not it?

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