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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Science |

The magician David Blaine withstand millions of volts for 72 hours between Tesla coils

The magician David Blaine withstand millions of volts for 72 hours between Tesla coils

The magician will undergo a new experiment on Friday when plans to stand on a pillar 6 feet tall, wearing a coat of mail, and surrounded by huge Tesla coils that send millions of volts of for 72 hours at body. During this time, Blaine did not sleep or eat.

The magician has made several incredible things in recent years, as spending 63 hours inside a block of ice, a week in a coffin, and six weeks without food in a glass box suspended over the Thames. He also held his breath underwater for 17 minutes, an event that is part of a highly recommended talk given at TED .

Friday’s event, called “Electrified”, will be broadcast live on YouTube and viewers who will be able to decide which of the seven coils that surround is activated, and at what intensity.

While some wonder if this is cyber sadism, others call it an “experimental exposure.” The Liberty Science Center, which works with Blaine in this demonstration indicates that it is a way to teach the principles of electromagnetism, discovered in the nineteenth century by the scientist Nikola Tesla, who invented the coils to quickly generate large amounts of electricity.

According to the magician himself, this is a tribute to the inventor. “I’ve always been obsessed with it. It was a scientific genius who created real magic to challenge what his peers thought was possible, “he told the New York Times.

Blaine will be dressed in what is called a “Faraday suit” (or Faraday Cage, named after the pioneer of electricity, Michael Faraday), consisting of a suit of chain mail, mesh socks and a helmet metallic wires. In the test that was done last week (in the video below), Blaine was hit by the coming from seven Tesla coils, the costume redirecting electricity around his body instead of through it.

“I have no idea what they will do 72 hours of exposure to electromagnetic forces electrons in my cells and neurons in my head,” Blaine told the newspaper A scientist and a medical team will monitor the state of mind of the magician and ventilate the possible ozone and carbon Nitrogen that is generated when electricity ionizes air.

“Each of the can generate millions of volts, so we are estimating that the total amount that will rise to be at least a million volts. No one has ever been in the middle of a thunderstorm for 72 hours, so it is difficult to predict what will happen, “said Paul Hoffman, president of the Liberty Science Center.

Million volts for David Blaine in ‘Electrified’ endurance test (NYTimes)
Electrified (YouTube)

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