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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Social Networks |

The major brands are growing faster on Twitter than on Facebook

The major brands are growing faster on Twitter than on Facebook

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From the first day he landed brands on social networks, many of the theories about what people do in these areas have been thrown out the window to force to impose old systems. We say this because many big brands found a way to achieve a longer range from the networks and creating differential value arriving communities and more directly to their consumers.

These “emergency” makes the brands pay millions to grow in social media, both in advertising guidelines as strategies and actions that encourage followers to Call To Action, as they say in the world.

According Optimal, an American company specializing in analytical measurements and social networks, the big brands are growing faster on than on Facebook.

The actions of the big brands seem to have a better acceptance and subsequent affinity with users microblogging network Twitter, that giant Facebook. According Optimal, a survey of 4,330 marks representing the sum of their communities to 3.490 million followers on and 595 million on Twitter, showed an increase of 18.5 million followers for the first and 4.5 million for the second network in the span a week, which means a percentage increase of 55% in favor of Twitter.

Is it useful to compare a “Like” on Facebook with a “Follow” on Twitter? Which has more weight for brands? According to measurement firm, the valuation must be equal because it is “the only way account in these sites.” Furthermore, the reduced audience Twitter also favor its effectiveness to return a higher percentage of adhesion on a smaller number of target audience.

According Optimal CEO Rob Leathern, “is not to show that Facebook is losing ground but Twitter is growing more and is becoming more relevant to brands and reach that aim to achieve, plus it is not the first time that this network than Facebook, although we had never analyzed the data in this way. “

Leathern believes that Twitter offers users a niche smaller but more active, resulting in improved quality and quantity of interaction with brands.

As data differential destacaa Optimal report in the industry in general, the highest growth rate was for retail and general merchandise stores with 2.01% vs. 0.59% of Facebook, but in the business books and magazines, Zuckerberg’s network grew by 0.61% against 0.46% of Twitter.

Link: Big Brands Are Growing More Quickly On Twitter Than Facebook (TechCrunch)

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