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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Internet |

The man who hacked by mistake the Bank of France with the password “123456″

(CC) motti82

A court in left free-and said he had not done anything wrong, a man who admitted he entered a Bank of France server error.

In 2008 the rate was unemployed and trying to use premium rate numbers for Skype, dialed randomly asked only a key, without providing more information than it was. The guy just marked “123456″ and ended up entering debt service on the Bank of France.

The bank detected the ‘hacking’ and demanded the guy despite his insistence that he was ‘accidentally’. The most ridiculous is that the police just arrested him in 2010, taking two years to find him even though he used his real address on Skype (also notice that your computer was ‘too old to commit cybercrimes’).

Link: beating par hasard sur un serveur de la Banque de France, l’est internaute relaxe (Le Nouvel Observateur)

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