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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Software |

The massive advertising campaign for Windows 8 starts today

The massive advertising campaign for Windows 8 starts today

On Friday, October 26th will be the official launch of the new operating system 8, preparing for Thursday night 25 events that will mark the opening to a new generation of PCs and tablets.

The company is taking the issue seriously, and from today begin a massive global campaign that will be seen in 42 countries, which has a focus on music and emotions, showing the software platform in action rather than explain its operation.

TV commercials, posters in the streets, online and sponsorship banners in massive events like the MTV European Music Awards or the UEFA Champions League, will be the kickoff for a campaign that will inform the public of the new and Modern UI UI. In addition, Microsoft will take the Times Square of New York on October 25 to be displayed in 39 giant panels that surround the area, start putting together a giant screen, as far as the date is made larger in Times Square.

Now, the TV commercials that will give life to a part of the campaign are focused on each particular area of the planet. For example, for the United States invited the band Best Coast to star in the experience of following a live recital comment via Windows 8, while for Asia was appealed to the discipline of Parkour, very popular in the East. Finally, Latin America is the emphasis given to a party and the chaos of it, as a reflection of culture course in the Southern Cone.

Link: Windows 8 Advertising Campaign Goes Global (Windows Blog)

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