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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Companies |

The MPAA says the closure of MegaUpload has been a success

The MPAA says the closure of MegaUpload has been a success

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The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) sent a document to the Office of the Representative of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), describing the success that has meant the closure of MegaUpload, which would have disturbed the market massively file storage Internet.

The says that after the fall of and MegaVideo, several other sites that depended on it became useless. “When these two sites were removed, many sites that linked, configurators and custom streaming systems that depended on these websites for content became inoperative. Some sites were abandoned by their operators, others lost traffic, while others changed their business model, “said the document obtained by TorrentFreak.

The closure of MegaUpload also had an impact on other similar services, they closed. “For example,, who was on last year’s list of MPAA, disabled the ability to share files . Affiliate programs that pay for these services were also discontinued contained or eliminated “indicate.

Indeed, the closure of MegaUpload had a very strong impact from file sharing services, however, the document there is no analysis of the impact that these actions may have on legitimate businesses and innovations that could be made. Nor is there evidence that has benefited in terms of profits for the industry itself.

In a paper recently published and discussed by the MPAA is suggested that the closure of MegaUpload might have had a negative impact on the sale of movie tickets.

The industry representatives also praised the actions taken against Demonoid , which was confiscated in Ukraine.

The group, however, said there are still dangerous sites that pose a risk. Between The Pirate Bay elloas appear, SeriesYonkis, ExtraTorrent, isoHunt,, and elsewhere, which would promote the illegal distribution of and series.

Will they be the next to be visited by the police? This month is expected to launch its own USTR summary of significant sites, including the recommendations of the MPAA and RIAA.

Link: MPAA: MegaUpload shutdown was massive success (TorrentFreak)

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