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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Internet |

The MPAA’s plan to discuss the case of Richard O’Dwyer

The MPAA's plan to discuss the case of Richard O'Dwyer

Last year we met the case of Richard O’Dwyer , a boy of 24 who maintained a site called TV Shack and that linked to a number of contents of TV shows and movies to watch for free. TV Shack did not store copyrighted content, but only put links to other sites that have them.

The strangest part is that is English and lives in England, however, is in the process of extradition to the to stand trial for this case – rather than be tried in the UK. A document from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) leaked this morning shows how the organization intends to address the issue communicationally, showing O’Dwyer as a criminal, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who launched a petition to stop extradition as a “presumptuous.”

O’Dwyer is a year fighting extradition without success. The Minister of Interior, Theresa May, formally approved the U.S. request. Nevertheless, Wales in June launched a campaign to stop the process, ensuring that O’Dwyer is a victim of the industry attempts to censor and control the internet.

The was not happy with this campaign, and began training its officers on how to respond to this case. The memo states that TV Shack should be described as a pirate site, and O’Dwyer won a significant amount from it.

“Richard O’Dwyer created, offering thousands of movies stolen and other pirated content to viewers in violation of both U.S. law as the United States. In fact, actively O’Dwyer warned the amount of money that would save the users to stream illegal content through TVShack rather than buy legitimately. At the same time, attractively profited from advertising on the site, “says the document obtained by TorrentFreak.

It also dismisses this case has anything to do with on the Internet, but are rather “a major discussion on how best to protect online intellectual property while ensuring that the Internet works for everyone.” Also ensure that freedom of expression is one of the “fundamental values” of the MPAA.

On the other hand, it is the subject of Jimmy Wales on the basis of hypothetical questions and answers. When asked what they think about the request of the founder of Wikipedia, the MPAA says, “We believe it is presumptuous to declare Wales speak from the ‘general public’. That’s because the general public includes hundreds of thousands of artists and filmmakers who create and perform entertaining and engaging content to virtually all of us enjoyed. Their hard work should be protected. “

The MPAA insists that O’Dwyer is not an “average student who plays with computers” and that although they were on the TV with a Mickey Mouse shirt, is responsible for their actions. The memo does not include anything too revealing, but it is interesting to see how the MPAA is preparing for a case that is highly controversial and led to ask whether wait to repeat the treatment he has given O’Dwyer to other sites that are dedicated to making like.

Link: Leaked Memo Reveals MPAA TV-Shack press strategy (TorrentFreak)

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