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Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Hardware Articles |

The new AMD A-Series APU third generation “Richland-DT”

Today introduces us to his new A-Series expected third generation “Richland-DT” for desktop socket FM2, those available under the trade name of AMD A-6000 Series.

The new micro-architecture +

The new APU are based on a review of the Piledriver microarchitecture used in the A-Series APU second generation “Trinity” and the FX-Series CPU second generation “Vishera”, which has been optimized to provide a lower consumption, which allows you to achieve higher operating frequencies.

Another improvement of the new micro-architecture Piledriver + is its memory controller DDR3-2133 Dual Channel, which has some optimizations aimed at improving communication between the CPU and GPU, increasing both performance per CPU cycle as the graphics performance. This improvement also gives compatibility Richland Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA).

Integrated graphics AMD Series “VLIW4″

AMD has developed new enhancements to its graphics architecture aimed at increasing graphic performance and GPU accelerated computing, also making better use of the memory controller.

AMD has also made improvements to the communications subsystem, which allow a higher integrated graphics performance when used in multi-mode Hybrid Dual GPU Graphics, achieving performance increases up to 100% when used in conjunction with cards dedicated video (AMD has not revealed the compatible GPUs APU of Richland).

AMD Screen Mirror

New feature of Richland APU and Kabini and Temash SoC, which allows remote transmission of screen content, applications, video and audio over network to compatible devices with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).

AMD Face and Gesture Control Login

Features already present in the Trinity APU, and which are kept in the new Richland APU. Face Login allows accessing your PC and various web sites that require authentication with just show your face via webcam; Gesture Control lets you interact with the user interface of the PC and applications using hand gestures via webcam.

The new APU A-6000 Series “Richland-DT”

Initially we presents five APUs AMD Richland-DT, which are compatible with current socket motherboards (although some models may require a bios update to work properly).

Without further ado, here New APU released by AMD:


Richland is a gradual improvement over Trinity, which promises higher overall performance and new features, although in the next few hours should make its appearance the first benchmarks of these new APU, which will help us to have a solid idea of ​​what they have to offer these new APU from AMD, whose main attraction is that it does not require a motherboard change.

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