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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Companies |

The new CEO of Zynga would receive 95% of their salary in shares

The new CEO of Zynga would receive 95% of their salary in shares

The newly appointed CEO of Zynga , Don Mattrick, has some work to do to make the company’s numbers go up. Well you should do, because according to sources close to the subject, 95% of the salary of be delivered in shares of the company.

The truth is that only the announcement of the arrival of Mattrick shares rose by 5%, something that will surely come in handy in his new commander in chief. Mark Pincus, founder and former of Zynga, had a modest salary (even more than Mark Zuckerberg ) and that annually received only $ 1. A measly dollar.

With this new move is expected to begin to recover from Zynga wobbly stride in coming for a while. Moreover, in everything related to Xbox and entertainment will be in charge-at least temporarily-from Steve Ballmer. Some speculate that voices out there Mattrick output not frowns in Redmond, especially after communication failure which meant the announcement of Xbox One

Only time will tell if the move was successful Don Mattrick, no doubt because his new job is a big enough challenge, comparable to taking the helm of a great ocean liner on a cold and starry night.

Link: Sources: Zynga’s New CEO Will Be Paid 95% In Stock (WSJ)

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