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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Entertainment |

The new Elite SC-68 receiver from Pioneer at first sight

The new Elite SC-68 receiver from Pioneer at first sight

We had the opportunity to try the new product line that will release within a few weeks (although some are already available today). In his line of car audio, personal audio, DJ audio, home audio and audio “urban” our attention is specific three products, which are what we’ll talk then.

SE-MJ591 Headphones

To commemorate the 50 year life of the company decided to launch Pioneer these headphones offer frankly pretty good audio quality. Transducers 40mm in diameter, made of plastics and polymers from the aerospace industry, ensure audio playback distortion-free, have a wide range of frequency response ranging from 5Hz to 40,000 Hz, impedance of 32Ω, sensitivity of 108dB and maximum input power of 1,000 mW.

The new Elite SC-68 receiver from Pioneer at first sight image 2

The closed design headphones are padded with urethane “memory” to gradually conform to the shape of the ear of the listener, in other words have great audio quality is not lost with ambient sound, in fact, manage to isolate headphones outside noise pretty well, not 100% but enough to not bother.

The new Elite SC-68 receiver from Pioneer at first sight image 3

As you can tell from the pictures, its design is quite attractive, plastic components and ultra rugged lightweight aluminum make it convenient to carry in case that is included with your purchase. One detail that is convenient to consider the headphones cable can be disconnected at any time, and I know what you’re thinking To me what serves me that disconnect? Well, if you were to jam the wire or someone were to pull it accidentally, rather than give you a scare, and it just disconnects.

The price in United States cost $299 but really what you pay, you are very satisfied with the product quality and audio that gives you.


We all have a bit of DJ inside but in many cases our best efforts do not go to make a playlist in Windows Media Player. So Pioneer launches this digital controller perfect for beginners.

The new Elite SC-68 receiver from Pioneer at first sight image 4

DDJ-Wego connects to your laptop via USB and with software (included) you can mix a little more professional. Its design is very youthful, perfect for the party, in fact, its size is intended to fit in the space of a keyboard of a 15-inch laptop.

Some of the options included are:

  • PULSE MIX: The intensity of the lights shown if mixed the music is synchronized or not, this allows to visually check the beats of each song and change the tempo if necessary.
  • LAUNCH PRESS: While charging the music, from the virtual player, a beam of red light, which travels toward the JOG dial type, serves to confirm at a glance that the music is actually available.
  • FX Pulse: During the session, the DJ can see different light patterns that indicate the effects and filters. These patterns will intensify brighter as the effects or filters are used.

It is priced at USD $399 or USD $4.499.

Receiver Pioneer Elite SC-68

I assume that many of you like to watch movies and play their games in high definition and with this assumption I think is safe to say that similarly seek to give equal importance to audio and try to at least have their consoles or players connected to a stereo or home theater good, because for us fans of audio and video, has created the receiver Pioneer Elite SC-68 is a marvel of modern engineering.

Imagine a device with 8 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI, USB DAC input, 3 component video inputs for, iPod input, 9.2 audio channels (scalable to 11), ability to handle 3 zones of audio and video simultaneously and also remote , is ready to process 4K signal that although today is not an industry standard, is soon to become commercial.

The new Elite SC-68 receiver from Pioneer at first sight image 5

This is just some of the many features this Pioneer receiver signals, truly a very sophisticated device that lets you do what pleases you, hear what you want (including FLAC files) and, last but not least , is certified THX and Air Studios certification.

The audio clarity is unmatched, even with the volume all the way down, no breaks, not distorted, loses nothing of quality, is truly a wonderful thing. Sure, a team like this comes at some cost in the U.S. is priced at USD $2,500 which is quite high, in fact, what it costs this apparatus and speakers (sold separately) would be the equivalent of buying a new economy car. There are somewhat cheaper options but obviously, the less they cost, have fewer features.

If looking for the best in audio probably want to start considering some of Elite receivers.

Link: Pioneer

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