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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Hardware |

The new MacBook Pro 13 “will be very difficult to repair

A few days after being released the new MacBook Pro 13-inch ultra-thin screen Retina Display , and got curious hands and disarmed the computer to see, mainly, how easy or difficult it is to each variable. Because they are so thin, it is expected that the pieces are meticulously assembled and are difficult to get, something that actually does the MacBook Pro 15 “Retina Display , similar design.

And so, because during the disarmament appeared several details that reveal complications when attempting to repair the equipment, for example, the use of screws owners very rare (Pentalobe). In addition, the RAM are soldered to the motherboard, so it can not be changed in case of failure or if you want to expand capacity manually.

On the other hand, as its 15-inch big brother, the battery is attached with glue to the outside of your computer, making it irreplaceable, while parts of the front panel (monitor) can hardly be separated, so that if something goes wrong of the screen, you have to change it completely.

So, has taken a new and different apronte when assembling computers, where the price we have to pay the user to have a peak performance of Intel in a very thin laptop, besides the money, it will be impossible to repair or customize the interiors of your machine.

MacBook Pro 13 “Late 2012 Retina Display teardown (iFixit)
Macbook Pro 13 Retina At First Sight (Engadget)

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