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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Hardware Articles |

The new microprocessors Intel we have prepared

The new microprocessors Intel we have prepared

A few weeks ago launched its new microprocessors Core fourth generation “Haswell” in their editions for desktop LGA 1150 “Haswell-DT” notebooks “Haswell-MB”, high-performance notebooks “Haswell-H” Ultrabooks ” Haswell-ULT “and tablets” Haswell-ULX ​​” .

As promised Intel, over the coming months, will continue to launch new members of this family of microprocessors (LGA 1150), as well as for online top-end (LGA 2011), all while their products ready fifth generation , which have few changes relative to the current.

Without further ado, here is a brief description of the upcoming releases of Intel:

New microprocessors “Haswell-DT” socket

Intel plans to update its Celeron microprocessors between January and March 2014, launching its new Celeron G2000 Series “Haswell-DT”, and the specifications of these new microprocessors are unknown for now.

As a curious note we mention that we have the coexistence of and Celeron based both Haswell-DT, as Silvermont micro-architecture (used in Valleyview Atom SoC), the latter with a lower yield and are soldered to the board sold mother.

New microprocessors Pentium “Haswell-DT” LGA 1150 socket

The Pentium line is also updated with the new Pentium G3430, Pentium, Pentium G3420 and G3220, which will arrive between July and September this year. Between October and December new models arrive no official name yet, but possibly this is: Pentium G3435, Pentium G3425 and G3225 Pentium.

New Core microprocessors “Haswell-DT” LGA 1150 socket

Between July and September of this year are expected to new microprocessors: Core i3-4340 and Core i3-4130, as well as new microprocessors with a power slightly greater than that of the above, which could be called off the record: Core i3- 4345 and Core i3-4135, Next to them come the new H81 budget chipset.

New Core microprocessors “Haswell-DT” LGA 1150 socket

The Core i5-4670K microprocessor will likely successor called Core i5-4680K, microprocessor like the Core i5-4670K will feature an unlocked multiplier and will be released between October and December this year.

Apparently not expect more out of the aforementioned models.

New Core microprocessors “Haswell-DT” LGA 1150 socket

Between July and December of this year, Intel readies a new microprocessor with higher performance than the current Core i7-4770K, which is likely to be called Core i7-4780K, which operate at a slightly higher frequency, becoming the new exponent platform LGA 1150 “Shark Bay”.

We will also have the Intel Core i7-4771, due to arrive between July and September this year, and probably operate at a frequency slightly higher than the Core i7-4770. Like the latter, will have multiplier locked.

New Microprocessor Core i7/i5/i3, Pentium and Celeron 2014 “Haswell-DT”

Between April and June next year will make their appearance the fifth-generation Core microprocessors: Core i7/i5/i3-5000 Series, Pentium and Celeron G4000 Series G3000 Series, which will be based on the same micro-architecture Haswell, which probably have some refinements as a memory controller DDR3-1866 or 2133 integrated and perhaps best integrated graphics.

These new chips will arrive alongside the new Z97 and H97 chipset.

New Core i7 microprocessors “Ivy Bridge-E” socket LGA 2011

The platform for high-performance desktop socket LGA 2011, also left over new life with new Extreme Edition Core microprocessors third generation “Ivy Bridge-E” Core i7-4960X, Core i7-4930K and Core i7-4820K, which make their appearance between July and September this year.

Additionally between October and December will reach slightly more powerful new models, which probably are denominated Core i7-4970X, Core i7-4940K and Core i7-4830K. Apparently no multiplier models exist locked in this new family of microprocessors.

All these new microprocessors maintain compatibility with current motherboards based on the X79 chipset “Patsburg”, which require a BIOS update.

Link: Here Is the Intel Roadmap for 2013 and 2014 (Softpedia)


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