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The new registration system for companies generated a legal dispute with the domain. Patagonia

The new registration system for companies generated a legal dispute with the domain. Patagonia

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The implementation of major extensions to three characters to identify the specialized domains began with great success but also brought some property disputes around some names.

Enterprise domains were enabled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and generated a wave of requests for purchase, but in turn also led to conflicts of interest between companies, organizations and governments. To this end, established a clause that prevents a company to register a name that is owned by a or a nation, as the name of a province, state, region, city or tourist spot, without the written consent of the country that belong.

The first derivative of this clause conflict with the domain appeared. App, which is in dispute among 13 companies, among which are Google and Amazon.

But in the case of the domain. Patagonia, the conflict is between the State of and the apparel and accessories company name Patagonia, which is of U.S. origin and has registered the domain name

The Governance Committee of ICANN is the representative of Argentina Olga Cavalli, who reported that the clothing company can not register the domain. because they never asked permission from the Argentine government.

ICANN states that to register a particular name, there is a paragraph that indicates that you must request permission from the country to register the name belongs, as discussed above. Cavalli explained, the company never raised the request Patagonia to the Argentine government on the grounds that “as it is not a province but a region that does not belong to a particular province, has no government representatives who direct the request for what would not need to ask permission “required by ICANN.

In fact, Patagonia has representatives that if integrated under the name of the Patagonia Region, an entity created by a treaty of 1990, drafted on the basis of Article 124 of the Constitution of Argentina, integrates the provinces of La Pampa, Black River, Neuquen, Cubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, with organization and established authorities, so the argument of the company would not be valid.

In response, ICANN has implemented a system where Internet users can comment and leave comments in relation to the domains reserved for companies to achieve conflict resolution based on arguments and valid requests for each situation. However, this tool is considered a resource to determine if the name dispute is important for society and identifiable that way all over the world.

In addition to what happens with this commenting system, the Argentine government to submit an official letter to the CANN is not given to a private domain of a region of Argentina.

The complaint also echoed in social networks, which created the group “not about to Patagonia” to report the situation and guide the interested part of users to support the letter.

Link: What is the conflict behind the. Patagonia (InfoTechnology)

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