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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Hardware |

The new Xbox Kinect will not work in One PC

The new Xbox Kinect will not work in One PC

Yesterday announced its new program for developers who want it early access to the new development kit for Windows Kinect. Sure many of you thought of paying nothing and repeat the previous case (which received many uses and applications “unofficial” before Microsoft released the official SDK), but this time it will not be possible.

It happens that the Xbox Kinect 2.0 One will come with a proprietary connector, so it can only be connected to the console and not the PC. The information was confirmed by Microsoft to Ars Technica, further indicating that there are no plans to launch a special adapter to this connector, in other words, interested developers just have to wait until 2014, when it goes on Kinect comes the official 2.0 Windows (which will connect to the PC via a USB3 port).

The Original Kinect also came with a proprietary connector, but given the existence of older models of the Xbox 360 without that port is included in each package to USB adapter, which was the gateway to the PC sensor. Now, the only official solution will apply to be among the first developers to receive in your hands the official version of Kinect for Windows, that although in theory equals the Xbox One, will be specially prepared to run on the system desktop operating.

Link: Microsoft: Kinect for Xbox One will not work on PCs (Ars Technica)

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