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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Software |

The next generation of video games will be for Windows 8

The next generation of video games will be for Windows 8

The graphics in video have advanced greatly in recent years, relying on new technologies to develop more realistic titles and visually appealing. One such technology is platform to support graphics engine, which is currently in version DirectX 11.1, being the news the announcement that will be available only for Windows 8, and excluding previous products.

This means that games made for support will require the use of Windows 8, which is also an indicator that later versions of this platform will also be only for the new operating system, so the graphics technology for better advance and Windows 7 will stay behind.

But there are several factors that call for calm: first, PC games, if that support DirectX 11.1 and even earlier, can be configured to run under older versions such as or 10, which does support Windows 7, so that if some title says it’s for DirectX 11.1, we can bet money it will run even on older machines with Windows 7 and DirectX 10 or 11. Moreover, DirectX 11.1 is a technology which has a long time to be adopted en masse by those who create video games because there is not even a great range of games for DirectX 11, DirectX least there 11.1, and industry generally takes several years before switching platform, so far, there is nothing to worry about.

Link: Microsoft warns gamers DirectX 11.1 is Windows 8-only (Engadget)

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