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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Science |

The Oatmeal grossed USD $850,000 for the Tesla Museum

The Oatmeal grossed USD $ 850,000 for the Tesla Museum

The campaign to save the scientist lab achieved its goal, raising the $850,000 needed to buy the land with contributions of 22,263 people. Recall that the property was for sale, and that would be acquired by private unless someone else made an offer. By not knowing the intentions of the buyer with the rest of the lab, put together a campaign to save it and build a in honor of the inventor.

The USD $ 850,000 are half the money: the state of New York put the other half. The NGO Tesla Science Center will be responsible for managing and planning the museum from the original construction. The laboratory, known as the “Wardenclyffe Tower” was built in 1901. Although the tower that gave the name – and was designed to transmit power wirelessly – was demolished years ago, the rest of the lab was intact.

Tesla left the premises in 1917 after losing its energy project financing.

Link: Let’s build a goddamn Tesla museum (IndieGoGo)

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