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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Internet, Science |

The Oatmeal launches campaign to save the lab of Nikola Tesla in the U.S.

The Oatmeal launches campaign to save the lab of Nikola Tesla in the U.S.

The NGO Science Center in the U.S., with Matthew Inman, creator of the comic The Oatmeal, launched a campaign to raise USD $850,000 to buy land where you installed the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, to make it a museum.

The land is currently for sale and there is interested in buying it, however, do not know what he intends to do with the place, which could be demolished to install something else. Meanwhile, in America there is no to remember the great inventor.

The initiators of the campaign intended to make his own bid for this area, however, does not have the resources to do so and who applied his idea on the platform IndieGoGo . A total of USD $1.6 million needed, and the State of New York promised to put half the money, so you just have to collect the other half.

The laboratory, known as the “Wardenclyffe Tower” was built in 1901 in Shoreham, New York. It was originally conceived as a wireless transmission tower could provide free energy, however, was abandoned in 1917 after Tesla lost the funding for the project. The property was sold to a producer of films later, and although the tower was demolished, the laboratory and facilities beneath remained intact until today.

In addition to meeting the USD $850,000 needed through online donations, Matthew Inman invited large companies to become part of the project (Google, Tesla Motors, Christian Bale and others), given that you need then more money to turn the place into a museum .

So far, the project had raised USD $360,000.

Link: Let’s build a Tesla goddamn museum (IndieGoGo)

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