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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Internet |

The online music piracy pales in comparison to the physical exchange

The online music piracy pales in comparison to the physical exchange

A filtered presentation of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reveals that downloading files online is not the largest source of music piracy is in the United States. In fact, internet distribution is the lesser of two evils, according to data presented NDP Study.

At least two thirds of the music “acquired” in the United States is not charged properly, ie not paid for, and this largely due to offline trading or, in Spanish, physical exchange. Of these two thirds less than 30% of the music coming from the P2P or cyberlockers as were Mega Upload, Media Fire, etc..

The rest of the music “illegal” hard disk is obtained from friends or from the same CD to be copied over and over again.

Of all the music that is distributed, 19% are legal (like iTunes for example) and 16% for the purchase of regular CDs. Illegal discharges 4% corresponds to Digital Lockers services, 19% is exchanged via hard drive, 27% comes from burning / copying of CDs and 15% of P2P services.

From these data highlight two things in particular: First we see that the internet is not the tool pirate government / industry some say it is and on the other hand, as people still using old practices for “pirating” music. Perhaps those who are very young do not remember but before, when you wanted the album to a friend, copiabas a cassette, now back to your computer, non-profit from the intellectual property of the artist.

Even if tomorrow the world’s internet censor and could not share an MP3 file anymore, there’s a cool friend to lend you the disc.

Link: RIAA: Online Music Piracy Pales In Comparison to Offline Swapping (Torrenk Freak)

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