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The operation to detain Dotcom was ‘deplorable’, says his lawyer

The operation to detain Dotcom was 'deplorable', says his lawyer

Drama, drama and more drama: These are the ingredients Megaupload case, which writes new chapters each week. Today’s episode is titled: “The assault deplorable” and refers to the claim made by the founder of Magaupload attorney on how aggressive the Police arrived at the house of Kim to make an arrest.

During a hearing held in the Supreme Court of Auckland City which examines the actions of the police to arrest Dotcom last January , Paul Davison, counsel for the German said he was “a operating for incompetence, inappropriate, hard in the extreme, inhumane and totally unnecessary.

Outlined in EFE that the gave many details of the arrest of Dotcom, explaining that the police came knocking to each door, and once inside the property pointed their weapons at Dotcom domestic employees, drove them out of the house and asked them where they were hidden weapons and bombs.

Supporting the Dotcom counsel’s argument, the 3News television has broadcast a video which reveals a number of special forces troops descending from a helicopter and run to the house of the founder of Megaupload, as a convoy of police vehicles approaches the place … Yes, that assault on a terrorist’s house!

Let’s be clear: Dotcom has a reputation “particular” , say, but if indeed the police acted in that way, but I’d say it was deplorable action ridiculous: Is believed in a Hollywood movie? I find no other explanation for such disproportionate action, unless the agents that were ignored after the German computer and believed they were against Osama bin Laden …

Now, what really is pathetic, is that according to information from EFE, the police have not denied the lawyer’s version, but has attempted to justify: The head of Organized Crime Agency and Economic Wormand Grant said the operation was well planned “to ensure quick arrests and preserve evidence to incriminate Dotcom.” No comment.

Link: Dotcom’s lawyer described as deplorable the way to stop his client (Reuters)

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