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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Science |

The Opportunity gives evidence of the existence of water “drinkable” on Mars

A single rock on may change the way we conceived our universe. Please believe me, know that – the U.S. probe sent to Mars – analyzed rocks of different ages for the last time. And one of them, perhaps the oldest, showed the presence of a mineral water only way suitable for drinking.

This neutral water would have been very similar to what we have on Earth, and bears witness to the importance of this discovery because previously only found evidence of liquid were totally oblivious to … well … any potentially safe drinkable liquid. In fact, the vast majority of fluid traces are found on earth elements considered impossible acid catalysts evolution of microorganisms.

The vestiges of old neutral liquid Martian rocks give for thinking that their existence goes back to – probably – the early history of the planet. This again gives a new clue to the possibility of having life by banks of “water” with a neutral pH that could have led at some point the development of living beings.

Link: Opportunity Mars rover finds’ drinkable water (Euronews)

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