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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Entertainment |

The other film about Steve Jobs will be shot in the first office of Apple

The other film about Steve Jobs will be shot in the first office of Apple

(Cc) TMZ

And while Sony announced that in his film of is the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin , and also Steve Wozniak will be a sort of “guardian” of the project , there is another film that is also taking place at this time. And though of a more independent producers and managed to have as the main protagonist in Jobs: Get Inspired, expected to be released later this year.

And the Five Stars Feature Films production company announced that, to be faithful as possible to the life story of Jobs, recorded scenes in what was the childhood home of Steve Jobs in Los Altos, California. Now, this alone may not mean much, but things change when you know that this house was the first “office” of Apple, and right there is created the first computer brand on the block, including the Apple II.

The independent film is expected to start later this year, but not in theaters but on television directly (and safely home formats). And instead of focusing on a limited time, tour events in the life of Jobs occurred between 1971 and 2000. Is it enough to be hand in hand with the super production of Sony? Sometimes it is common for independent work will win the tug of war to others with greater resources, so anything goes.

Finally, the website TMZ leaked what would be the first pictures of Ashton Kutcher impersonating Steve Jobs. The similarity exists, that is undeniable.

Link: Steve Jobs TV movie to film at the Apple Original garage (CNET)

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